Hydraulic Cylinders

Hydraulic Cylinder
A Hydraulic cylinder (also called a linear hydraulic motor) is a mechanical actuator that is used to give a unidirectional force through a unidirectional stroke. It has many applications, notably in engineering vehicles.
Hydraulic cylinders get their power from pressurized hydraulic fluid, which is typically oil. The hydraulic cylinder consists of a cylinder barrel, in which a piston connected to a piston rod moves back and forth
The barrel is closed on each end by the cylinder bottom (also called the cap end) and by the cylinder head where the piston rod comes out of the cylinder. The piston has sliding rings and seals. The piston divides the inside of the cylinder in two chambers, the bottom chamber (cap end) and the piston rod side chamber (rod end). The hydraulic pressure acts on the piston to do linear work and motion.

We offer wide range of single/double acting, single/multi cylinders in different models like tie rod design, welded design, mill type design etc. Bore from 25mm to 300mm stroke upto 9000mm. Working pressure upto 500kg/cm². Mountings such as Flange, foot, clevises, trunnions are offered as per application needs.

Applicable for machine building industries, steel mills, mobile equipments, sluice gates, marine equipment’s and construction equipment’s, hydraulic presses and s. P. M. S.

Cylinder barrels are manufactured from low carbon steel barrels, piston rods/rams are manufactured from alloy steel materials. Seals used in our cylinders are manufactured from polyurethane, p. T. F. E materials and nitrile rubber with canvas impregnation.